4 Things to Know About Oral Health During Pregnancy


While you’re pregnant you have so much to think about, but it is important to spend time researching dental health issues during pregnancy. Being pregnant could result in major changes in your mouth which could impact your baby if left unattended. Let’s know how to take good dental care tips during pregnancy time.

1. Make flossing into a regular habit.

Pregnancy can enhance your chances of getting dental health problems such as gum disease also classified as gingivitis. In fact, 40% of pregnant ladies experience gingivitis while pregnancy this problem termed as pregnancy gingivitis.

To avoid such type of problems during pregnancy we must do follow Regular flossing. Daily flossing has always been important for good oral health, but when you are expecting, it is much more essential. Flossing once every day eliminates bacteria and food contaminants from your teeth and prevents them from transforming into plaque, a substance that can trigger infected gums and possibly gum disease. Transform flossing into a regular thing and maintain plaque buildup within the sight.

When you think you have gum disease, proceed as soon as possible. If left unchecked, gingivitis can develop into periodontitis, the most serious problem which can harm your gums and jawbone. If you have any signs of gingivitis, like swollen or chewing discomfort or bleeding gums, talk to your dentist and make an appointment with him.

 2. Must not put off check ups with the dentist.

There is really no better reason to keep your teeth and gums in nice shape than seeing your dentist. They will identify issues before they can get severe and suggest a better care. Routine dental check-ups are totally safe while pregnant and urgent dental procedures if needed.

3. Stop brushing your teeth after morning sickness.

Morning sickness isn’t a-so-fun yet totally normal side-effect of pregnancy. You know how hard it is to resist it might be to brush your teeth right after you get sick but resist the temptation. When you brush your teeth too earlier than expected, stomach acids may be eaten away by the enamel of your teeth.

You must hold on at least an hour to brush your teeth. If you can’t tolerate waiting for another minute, start rinsing your mouth with plain old water or alcohol-free mouthwash. Believe us it’s wise to wait for fresh breath as it comes to your oral hygiene.

4. Increase the amount of calcium you have everyday.

Anything you eat during pregnancy not only impact your teeth, but also the growth of your baby’s teeth. Which is why it’s so essential to increase your daily consumption of calcium during pregnancy.

Adequate calcium reduces your danger of osteoporosis, tends to keep your teeth healthy and allows your baby build strong teeth and bones. Great sources of calcium provide cheese, milk, almonds, spinach and yogurt. Whether you are lacking to get more calcium in your diet, ask your dentist regarding taking supplements.

For healthy teeth and gums during pregnancy, some basic things to follow:

  • Stop eating sugar drinks
  • Eat lots of healthy foods.

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