The 10 Worst Foods for Your Teeth


All of us know how important it is to brush and floss daily, and you’re aware in the need of a six-month dental visit regularly. However, eating different food items affect your teeth.Because many foods and beverages can cause plaque, which does serious damage your teeth. Plaque is a bacteria-filled sticky film that contributes to gum disease and tooth decay

How can you prevent plaque from wreaking havoc on your mouth? Besides brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing, try to avoid or limit the foods below.

Carbonated Drinks :


When sipping syrupy beverages such as sodas and sports drinks for long periods they are bad for teeth. Even diet sodas should be stopped. It doesn’t mean that they lack acidity just because they lack sugar.

Candies :

Candy usually remains in your mouth long before it can dissolve even after good chewing, it can last in your mouth for as long as 10 minutes, which gives the candy enough time to absorb into your teeth and gums. So, if candy pieces caught in your teeth are not removed using toothbrush or floss, cavities are most likely to develop.

Alcohol :


We all know that drinking alcohol is not healthy. Alcohol stimulates dry mouth and reduces the production of natural saliva. Saliva helps wash away food pieces and creates a layer to help shield the teeth from acid. Also, alcohol irritates the mouth’s entire soft tissue.

Tea and Coffee :

When it comes to damaging the teeth, tea and coffee are one of the main causes. The intake results in widespread discoloration of brown and yellow stains. These also pose a risk to the tooth enamel and allow bacteria to grow, paving the way for other oral diseases if more sugar is added.

Dry Fruits :

Although high in energy and nutritious, dry fruits are practically made to get stuck in the tiny spaces between your teeth. If you regularly eat dried fruit, you’re likely to get a lot of particles stuck in your teeth. Flossing is the perfect solution.

Potato Chips :

Until you thoroughly rinse your mouth and floss, the mushy texture and starch content of potato chips will remain stuck for hours between your teeth, causing damage to both your teeth and your gums.

Citrus :

Do not suck on lemons. It’s dangerous to wash teeth in acids. Foods high in acid, such as lemons, limes and tomatoes, when consumed alone can cause tooth decay. When combined with a dish these foods have nutritional value, so enjoy them but remember to clean your mouth with water after consuming them to help balance the acid.

Bread :

Once you eat white bread, its starch content is broken down into sugar in your saliva. It gives the bread a sticky paste that adheres to your teeth and gums that can cause infections.

Ice :

You can use your ice to chill beverages, but don’t chew on it. Even though it is made of water and contains no sugar, it may leave your teeth vulnerable to a dental emergency such as a cracked tooth by chewing on hard substances. Choose chilled water or drinks without ice to avoid temptation.

Popcorn :

Particles of popcorn get caught in your teeth and cause massive bacteria to occur. Such crunchy seed kernels at the bottom of the container may also contain sharp hulls that may crack your teeth.

These ten foods are not the only bad foods for your teeth, note these suggestions as you choose what to consume and how to improve your everyday oral health.

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